Don’t let them speak for you!

The country is dying. 4 million children can’t go to school. Without fuel, hospitals cannot function. Factories cannot produce drinking water. More than half of the population are hungry. The people are hungry. Businesses are closing. The country is in economic recession. This painting is the result of the action of gangs blocking access to the country’s main oil terminal. Armed gangs are very powerful. They prevent access to the national roads in Martissant, Canaan, Morne à Cabri and Savien, and to the international road of Malpasse which leads to the Dominican Republic.
Armed bandits kill, rape, kidnap our brothers and sisters, our sons and our daughters with impunity. Without fear. Haiti’s national police, understaffed, with a poor arsenal, disorganized and underpaid, are unable to dismantle the gangs. This was the reality yesterday. The is the fact today. And the PNH will still be incapable on the future.
Today, let it be clear, only an international armed force can help fight gangs and bring life back to this country. We need the presence of foreign soldiers capable of deterring gangs, inviting them to put down their arms or fighting them in the event of resistance. We are no less nationalistic when we call for help. On the contrary. It is a question of humanity. Of altruism. Of benevolence towards our brothers and sisters crushed by the machine of insecurity. When a country is overwhelmed, international solidarity is more than a necessity. It’s a duty. UN, OAS, USA, Canada, etc. must fly to the aid of the Haitian people. Haiti is in danger and in danger of disappearing.
The silent majority. The one who suffers. Those who are deprived of fuel, drinking water, medicine, food, must act. She have to speak up. She have to say that yes, we want an international force in the country. Don’t let them speak for you!
There are only 3 categories of people who don’t want the arrival of foreign soldiers. Gangs and their sponsors; those who want power without elections; and those who live their comforts abroad and who dare to think that they can decide for the Haitians who are suffering and dying slowly. We will come back to this, perhaps in another editorial, on the first two categories. But to those who live their comforts abroad, on the basis of a TPS obtained thanks to false testimonies and false police certificates, on the basis of a « green card » or a foreign passport, it’s time to close your mouth. You have your comfort, you are not deprived of anything, access to education or fuel are not the subject of any debate, so you really have to shut it down.
Stop being ridiculous by claiming that Haitians must be left to decide their own future. The Haitian elite has been dithering for months. If she was able to decide the future of the country, we would have seen it. If the Haitians were able to take care of themselves, we would have known. They would have. So shut up and let those who are truly hurting speak out and cry out for help.

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